Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TuneAid Transfers iPod & iPhone Music Back to iTunes

Download TuneAid

Copy your iPod music using TuneAid
Copy your iPod music
Transfer your music to iTunes
or any folder on your computer.
Copy your iPod videos using TuneAid
Copy your movie files
Copy Music Videos and Movies.
Recover your music files using TuneAid!
Recover music files
Rescue your music from a computer crash or theft. Salvage a corrupted iPod !
All mobile devices from Apple supported
Works with iPod, iPhone, iPad
TuneAid copies music from any Apple mobile device.
iTunes Meta-Data fields support
Import ratings, play count …
… and many other fields in iTunes!
Choose the playlists you want to import.
Duplicate management
Avoid duplicates
TuneAid prevents dupes when copying from iPod to iTunes.
Music player
Music player
Play your iPod music directly on your computer before importing songs.
Copy your own music lawfully
Copy your own music: it’s fine
Copying your own files is not a law infrigement in any way.
Easy-to-use & user friendly
User friendly
‘Non-geeky’ interface for easy operation.
Free trial version available : try brefore you buy
Try for FREE before you buy !
Download and install TuneAid free trial first, register and unlock after !
iTunes 10 and iPhone OS 3.x to iOS 4.x.
Works with or without jailbreak.

TuneAid is compatible with PC Windows and Mac OS X computers
PC Windows & Mac OS X
Use TuneAid to transfer iPod, iPhone or iPad music to PC & Mac !

TuneAid is an iPod content recovery tool. It will let you import your iPod’s library back into a Folder or iTunes with no effort. Hard Drive crash? Stolen computer? Corrupted system? No problem, TuneAid will salvage your Music!
Apple’s iTunes lets you transfer your music to iPhone, iPod or iPad. But this sync function only works one way: from computer to device.
TuneAid lets you transfer your music to computer, and in doing so also directly copy to iTunesall your library : ratings, playlists and more, whether its a Windows PC or a Mac!

See What TuneAid Can Do for You

I want to Transfer Music to Computer After a Crash
  • My computer crashed and my whole iTunes library is safe in my iPod, but when I plug it in, iTunes does not let me transfer my music back in my computer! But TuneAid does: and I can now copy my iPod music back to my computer and enjoy it again.

I have music on my home computer, not on my office desktop
  • I have a great collection of songs in my computer at home, and I would love to listen to my songs on my second computer at the office, but I can’t because I cannot copy my music there using my iPod. Well, now using TuneAid I can transfer my whole iTunes Library to my office PC!

I own 2 computers and both have different playlists
  • I had many Cds ripped on my old computer, and plenty of new music copied on the new one, and I can’t decide with which I should sync my iPod! Thanks to TuneAid I can keep two iTunes librariesin sync with the same iPod!

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