Friday, November 27, 2009

ZU Video Enhancer V1.9.2 (Portable)

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1. Increase resolution of your video with Video Super Resolution technique which delivers unbelievable quality by using information from previous frames, while all the other resize methods use information from one current frame. Now you can convert your SD video to HD!
2. Use more than a hundred of VirtualDub filters allowing you to do everything you want with your video: deinterlacing, denoising, deblocking, color correction, deshaking, sharpening, visual effects etc. On multiprocessor systems, dual core or hyperthreading CPUs works a lot faster than VirtualDub because all filters, decoders and coders work in separate threads simultaneously.
3. Open any video which can be played on your system and re-compress it with any video codec (DirectShow, DMO and Video for Windows) installed in your system.

With Video Enhancer you can do all these tasks together or just some of them.

List of filters in this pack:

· 2D Cleaner
· Automatic correction of white balance
· Asvzzz deinterlace
· Border Control
· Deinterlace - area based
· Deinterlace Muksun
· Dynamic Noise Reduction
· Logoaway
· MSU Cartoonizer
· MSU Old cinema
· MSU Smart Deblocking
· MSU Smart Sharpen
· PCVideo Image Processor
· RGB Equalizer
· Smart deinterlace
· Smart smoother
· ViewFields
· UnViewFields
· xsharpen


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