Saturday, February 7, 2009

Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009

Are you stuck with a Slow Vista PC ?

While Vista may very well be the latest and greatest operating system from Microsoft, there are some very unusual things going on that the average user doesn’t realize. If your computer is behaving oddly, and performance seems to be at an all-time low, you’re probably a victim of the dreaded Vista “experience.”

Do you have Vista-related problems ?

Is your Vista system slow booting up or shutting down?

Does it take longer to load programs than it used to?

Do games or video-intensive programs seem to hang or slow way down?

Do you find your system running low on memory more frequently?

Are you tired of poor performance and having to reboot more often?

Here's How Advanced Vista Optimizer will help-

Single Click System Care will diagnose and fix all the incorrect settings and clean all the junk.

Powerful functions with deep analysis and quick cleaning.

Provides Best optimization tweaks.

Includes awesome Powertools such as Email Backup and intuitive Photo Editor.

Optimizes the RAM utilization.

Enhances system Boot-up Time.


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